Communities of Practice Use Email Groups to Share Knowledge

Communities of practice are groups of people who share ideas, stories and resources around their shared area of expertise. Groups use OnlineGroups.Net for conversations around topics as diverse as intranets, communications, baseball cards, and biodiversity information management.

Some communities of practice meet face to face, but in between meetings, community members might want to participate from any place and at any time. With OnlineGroups.Net, each participant can post an idea, question or suggestion at any time. Other participants can choose to respond when it suits them. Conversations contribute to a searchable knowledge-base of shared comments, links, documents and images.

Kiwi Intranet Managers Share Stories

Kiwi Intranets is a New Zealand community of practice of intranet managers. Web manager Dorje McKinnon started an online group for Kiwi Intranets in 2005, and since then it has had over 800 posts. Over 100 members post questions, answers and ideas about intranet governance, social factors and technology. Dorje says that the key benefit of OnlineGroups.Net is the ability for group members to post via email or the web, and to get notified in the way they prefer, and that a permanent, visible record of the email trail is discoverable by others to learn from. "If your organisation's cycles are longer than staff turnover you immediately solve the issue of new people starting and not knowing the history of a topic" he says.

Biodiversity Data Managers Swap Notes

Dataversity is a community of practice of biodiversity information managers in New Zealand. The group has been using an OnlineGroups.Net site at the custom domain since it started in 2007.

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