Migrating an MSN Group to OnlineGroups.Net

Microsoft has announced that the MSN Groups service will close in February 2009. They have invited MSN Group Managers to move their groups to Multiply, MSN's partner for online groups.

An alternative option open to MSN Group Managers is to migrate an MSN Group to OnlineGroups.Net. OnlineGroups.Net provides message boards that work via email and the web, as well as live chat, and photo-sharing.

With OnlineGroups.Net, you can start multiple groups on a single site. Sites have no ads, and they can be customized with a title, home page text and a custom domain. MSN Group Managers can start as many groups as they like, and public groups are free, for unlimited members and posts.

If you have your group members' email addresses, it is easy to start a group and invite members to join with OnlineGroups.Net. OnlineGroups.Net staff are happy to help MSN Group Managers make the switch.

Benefits of OnlineGroups.Net for MSN Groups Managers

Message Boards that work via Email and the Web

With OnlineGroups.Net, groups work like a message board via the web, but group members can also post and receive messages via email, just like they can with MSN Groups, Yahoo! Groups and Google Groups.

Live Chat

OnlineGroups.Net groups have a free live chat feature that allows group members to post messages in real time.


Group members can post photos to a group via the web, or via email. Photos appear as a thumnail in the message, and can also be viewed as a photo album.

You Can Have Multiple Groups on a Free Site

With OnlineGroups.Net, your groups are on a free site of your own. Once you have started a site, you can create as many groups as you like on your site.

Customizable Site

You can customize your online groups site by changing the title, the timezone and by adding text, links and images on the home page. Sites are at a subdomain of onlinegroups.net (such as yoursite.onlinegroups.net) by default but you can set up a custom domain on your online groups site for free.

Public Groups Free for Unlimited Members and Posts

Public groups are free for unlimited members and posts. From January 2009, charges will apply for members of private groups on OnlineGroups.Net sites.

Easy Migration

To migrate members from an MSN group to an OnlineGroups.Net online group, all you need is the email addresses of your group members. When you upload the email addresses, each member is sent an email inviting them to join your new group.

Support for MSN Group Administrators

OnlineGroups.Net provides support for site administrators via an online group. MSN Group Administrators are able to receive extra assistance for migrating large groups from MSN Groups to OnlineGroups.Net.