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OnlineGroups.Net makes email collaboration easier for organizations with the best email groups on the web.

Web-based Email Groups

Most people in organizations have their own email address and inbox, and spend much of each day using email. Email is a powerful tool for one-to-one and one-to-many communication, but group discussion via email can quickly get messy.

Email groups make it easy to collaborate in groups using email, by providing an email address and an inbox for a group. Send an email to the group, and everyone in the group gets the message. Visit the group inbox, and there are all the group's discussions.

  • Group members can use their favourite email tool to post and read messages.
  • Teams can easily share files via the web and email.
  • Group members do not need to worry about storing the email in their own system.

Email groups, also known as electronic mailing lists or list servers, are a simple but powerful group collaboration tool.

The Best Email Groups

OnlineGroups.Net aims to provide the best email groups for organizations on the Web. OnlineGroups.Net is funded by fees, not ads, so you, and not advertisers, are our customer.

  • All your organization's email groups are on one site.
  • Highlight your organization's identity with a subdomain of or a free custom domain.
  • No ads, on the website, or in the emails.
  • Customize your site title and introduction.
  • OnlineGroups.Net can help you customize the site with your own logo, colour scheme, and custom content or features.
  • OnlineGroups.Net is powered by open source software, so if you prefer you can download and install the software, and host your own online groups site.

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