Growing Collaboration

People collaborate if they want to collaborate and it's easy to collaborate. Collaboration makes people want to collaborate. So to grow collaboration:

  • pick a group where people have a reason to collaborate,
  • make it easy to collaborate, and
  • start collaborating.

Making Collaboration Easier

You Can't Beat Email

Email dominates online communication. Everyone has an address and inbox that they use all the time. The web-based collaboration tools have not changed this.

If one person switches back to email, the whole team does. So groups usually end up collaborating with email and reply-to-all.

Reply-to-All Hurts

Reply-to-all quickly gets painful. Recipients get dropped off. The email gets messy, with no useful archive. Time gets wasted and collaboration grinds to a halt.

An Email Address and an Inbox for a Group

Online groups take the pain out of group email collaboration by giving a group an email address and an inbox.

People can choose to participate via email, the web or both. And there's a permanent shared record of the work of the group.

More Collaboration

People in organizations need to hold conversations and share information to make decisions, share knowledge, work in teams and engage with people outside the organization.

Face to face meetings are great, but they can be expensive and difficult to arrange. People at face to face meetings can only participate in one conversation at a time, and create their own records of the conversation.

Online Collaboration makes it easy to hold conversations and share information in groups.

  • Each person can participate at their own place, and their own time.
  • People can participate in multiple conversations at the same time.
  • Organizational knowledge is stored in searchable shared archives.

An online collaboration site provides an accessible central place for an organization's information and conversations.

Start an Email Collaboration Site for your Organization

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