A Site for Your Groups

With OnlineGroups.Net, all your groups are on a site for your organization.

You can start as many private and public groups as you like on your site.

You could have groups for:

  • teams working on different projects
  • discussion of different topics
  • sharing news across your whole organisation

There is no charge for extra groups or for people who are members of multiple groups. Pricing is based on the number of site members.

You can customize your site home page. You can use your own domain on your site and groups.

We can even create a custom site style for your site.


Your site, Example Site will appear at http://example.onlinegroups.net.

Example Site can have several groups.

  • Group One will appear at http://example.onlinegroups.net/groups/group1 and use the email address group1@onlinegroups.net.
  • Group Two will appear at http://example.onlinegroups.net/groups/group2 and use the email address group2@onlinegroups.net.

All Sites are Free for the First Month

No credit card details are required to start a site. After the first month, pricing begins at US$2 per month.

Start a Site for Your Organisation Now