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Online Groups for an Acoustic Engineering Firm

β€œIt's not magic. What's magic is the amazing experience when you put all these people together.”

Keith Ballagh, of Marshall Day Acoustics

Keith Ballagh of Marshall Day Acoustics.

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Close to Customers and Close to Each Other

Keith Ballagh wants Marshall Day Acoustics to be the smartest firm in its market. MDA's seventy acoustic engineers are spread around twelve locations. They are close to their customers, but a long way from each other. Keith noticed that when an engineer emails a question around, it creates a mess of email. They need an easy way to run technical questions past each other.

β€œI have used the forums as a marketing tool. I want them to think of our local office as small and nimble to respond to them, but I also want them to know I have seventy colleagues I can call on.”

Fast Answers to Technical Questions

Marshall Day has online groups for nine specialist areas of acoustic engineering. When a Marshall Day engineer needs help on a technical problem, they post a question to the applicable group. Specialists from all parts of the firm quickly respond.

β€œIf you take on Marshall Day, it's like a brain of seventy people, because if there's something you don't know, you type it in and within minutes you've got access to the collective wisdom of seventy people.”

Using Email Makes it Easy

Engineers at Marshall Day find it easy to use the online groups because they can simply use email.

β€œIt is so heavily used because it is such a simple but effective tool.” ... β€œThe threshold for starting a discussion is low and the payback is high.”

Online Groups for Ongoing Learning

Most staff follow the conversations as they occur. This provides insight into new topics and the expertise of other staff members.

β€œIt's really good listening to people's discussions. That's the most value, the continual education.” ... β€œI specialise in environmental but I follow building acoustics as I want to expand my skillset.”

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