Email Collaboration for your Organization

        end the pain of 'reply-all' email and attachments
        with an Online Groups site for your Organization

Make it easy to share messages and files in groups

Pricing starts from $2 per month. Sites are free for the first month.

Use Email provides an email address for a group. When a group member emails the group, the group emails the members.

Reduce Email Overload

Enhanced subject lines mean users can scan conversations and decide what to delete or follow up, without reading the email.

Minimise User Impact

People adopt readily as they can participate fully using email if they wish.

Use the Web provides an inbox for a group. Group members can search, read and post messages and files on the web.

Enable Conversations

The web interface makes it easy to keep track of conversations, and to follow multiple conversations at a time.

Create an Archive

Your online groups hold a searchable archive of valuable email conversations. Email is not locked up in people's mailboxes.