How helps Open311

Open311 is a software project that needed mailing lists with web integration. As GroupServer, the web-based mailing list manager that underpins is open source, we are proud to support an open data project.

In 2009, Philip Ashlock migrated the Open311 listserv from GNU Mailman to

How could help you

With, you get a site of your own, where you can start online groups. Online groups work with email, and they work on the web.

A site of your own

A site of your own

With your groups, and only your groups, are on a site with no ads. You can customise the site and use your own domain.

As many groups as you like

On your site, you can start as many groups as you like. You have control of the privacy, and the membership.

Online groups work with email

Groups that work with email

You groups work with email, just like a listserv: when a group member emails the group, the group sends the email to the group members.

Online groups work on the web

Groups that work on the web

Posts are stored in the excellent archive for each group on your site. You can view and search posts, files, and entire conversations on the web. And you can also use the web to post new messages and files, adding to conversations.

Tools to help you migrate has the tools you need to migrate your existing listserv to a new group on your new site.

We believe it is your group, so we also give you the tools to export your data.