About Us

OnlineGroups.net has been boosting collaboration for over a decade. Organizations from around the world trust us to deliver reliable, quick email and have a history of those messages presented with a beautiful web interface.

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The Team

Katie Minett

Katie steers the ship. She wrangles any support issues as fast as she wrangles her young family around.

Tim McNamara

Tim is down in the engine room. He makes sure that the systems are fully operational and keeps the code dapper.

Michael JasonSmith

Dr JasonSmith is the GroupServer project lead, and has an intimate understanding of the technology. He is also a strong privacy advocate.

Dan Randow

Dan provides advice to the rest of the team, leaving day-to-day operations to others. His knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Marek Kuziel

Marek operates a technology consultancy and provides operational support and advice to the team. He has a heavy interest in home automation and maker culture.

Contact Us

The best way to get in touch is via email to support@onlinegroups.net.

OnlineGroups.net is operated by Fiorenza Limited, a New Zealand company. Our physical address is:

  71 Lord Sreet
  Stokes Valley 5019
  New Zealand

If you wish to contact someone by phone, you are welcome to call +64 21 163 6383