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Reflections on the Design

In this post I discuss the development of the “new” user-interface for, and how it has shaped up. Now is a good time for a review because it has been a bit over a year since I released the new interface for the open-source GroupServer mailing-list manger (11 June, 2013) and a bit under… Read more »

The First Review

My earlier post on the Apple iPad discussed how the new device was not a new device: all of the stuff we are excited about is the same paradigm we have had since the 1970s. However, a review in the New York Times gives me hope that the iPad may be more than a new… Read more »

Mobile Data Speed

The following strikes me as a good exam question for a honours-level networking course. Contrast and compare the new mobile networks being introduced in the Western Pacific: New Zealand, at 14.4Mbps, and Japan, at 250Mbps.