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Press Releases

I have an idea: a browser plug in that measures the similarity between a page on a news site and a known press release. I doubt that it would have to be very sophisticated: my ol’ favourite TF-IDF algorithm could generate the keywords and compare them to a database of known press releases. Give the… Read more »

GOVIS 2009: two clouds, two topics, two presentations, and two conferences.

Now that I’ve cleared the backlog from spending last week at GOVIS 2009, here is my impression of it: two. There were two clouds, two topics, two presentations, and two conferences. Two Clouds From the opening keynotes to the closing ones, GOVIS was overshadowed by two clouds: the recession, and cloud computing. In his opening… Read more »

Start a Local Online Public Issues Forum

Here at OnlineGroups.Net, we don’t just provide sites where people can collaborate in online groups. We also build and release GroupServer, the software that underpins OnlineGroups.Net, and we help organisations to implement GroupServer to create successful online groups and communities. Sometimes, that involves technical work such as hosting, configuring, customising and maintaining software. At other… Read more »