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Press Releases

I have an idea: a browser plug in that measures the similarity between a page on a news site and a known press release. I doubt that it would have to be very sophisticated: my ol’ favourite TF-IDF algorithm could generate the keywords and compare them to a database of known press releases. Give the… Read more »

OpenID, Facebook Connect, and the Neglected CardSpace

As a developer of GroupServer, which shares many features with social networking systems, the release of Facebook Connect caught my eye when it caused a buzz on the tech wires. This follows on from the noise whenever a major player — such as Google, Yahoo! or MySpace — announces an OpenID implementation. Unfortunately, I have… Read more »

Mode Switch

At Kiwi Foo Camp, I had an excellent opportunity to discuss the proposed mode switch in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. Over the weekend my position changed, from being mildly in favour of the mode switch, to being mildly against it. I am still in favour of mode switching as a concept, but the proposal does… Read more »