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The Christchurch Earthquake — Community, Local and Online

As you may know, OnlineGroups.Net has an office in Christchurch, as well as in Wellington and Canberra. The Christchurch office of OnlineGroups.Net was based in a CDB building called Kenton Chambers from 2004 until December 2010. Kenton Chambers suffered only very minor damage in the 4 September 2011 Christchurch 7.1 earthquake, so we, and a… Read more »

The Three Requirements for Collaboration

There is no doubt that online collaboration technology has got better in the last twenty years. But has that resulted in more collaboration? Certainly, it looks like people spend more time hanging out online, but is the technology itself what makes the difference? I have seen enough instances of “build it, and they do not… Read more »

The Open Source Future of Accounting

Rod Drury’s ten trends in accounting are spot on, but they could all be encapsulated in the first: “Online accounting won’t exist as a product category for long.” Rod writes… Small Business don’t do integration projects but in the SaaS world vendors are encouraged to work together to integrate their products so small businesses don’t… Read more »

There is no folder

I predict that the Journal on the XO laptop will be a roaring success, as it is designed around one person — it is One Laptop Per Child, after all — and it avoids the problem of Save overwriting documents. I came up with this prediction after reading a review of the One Laptop Per… Read more »