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HTML email from your groups is about to introduce email messages formatted using HTML. This will make the messages easier to read, make the online archive easier to find, and improve the identity of your site and groups.

Replying to email

Conversations can occur within a group, or because of a group. We have updated to give you more control over how people reply to email, so you can better control the conversations in your groups.


Today I deployed a massive update to improve internationalisation at We hope that the improved internationalisation makes your sites and groups more inviting to those who use languages other than English, starting with French and German. To see the changes change the language in your browser preferences (options) to French or German and visit… Read more »

Sprezzatura and software

Releasing software as open source — where everyone is free to view and tinker with the code — is both scary and liberating. However, more than that I have to be open about how I write the code, and avoid sprezzatura.