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Mode Switch

At Kiwi Foo Camp, I had an excellent opportunity to discuss the proposed mode switch in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. Over the weekend my position changed, from being mildly in favour of the mode switch, to being mildly against it. I am still in favour of mode switching as a concept, but the proposal does… Read more »

Usability Mistakes

Just before I went to Kiwi Foo Camp, I created a major usability bug in GroupServer, which was mostly due to forgetting to add feedback to a form. This caused a large problem for Alice, who had to manage the support load while I was away. Thankfully, I managed to correct my error and the… Read more »

There is no folder

I predict that the Journal on the XO laptop will be a roaring success, as it is designed around one person — it is One Laptop Per Child, after all — and it avoids the problem of Save overwriting documents. I came up with this prediction after reading a review of the One Laptop Per… Read more »


Privacy is an important part of social interaction, and security. In this post, I discuss what privacy is, privacy in GroupServer, and laws about privacy. I should be able to define privacy, as I am the Privacy Officer for OnlineGroups.Net — but I find privacy hard to define. Thankfully, I am not alone: the New… Read more »

Making a Group Work

For a group to be successful, the members must receive a benefit. One way that a group can benefit the members is to allow users to find out answers, and gain prestige. Alternatively, a group can be used as a news source, where the members find out information. Finally, while there is some idea of… Read more »

OnlineGroups.Net Blog

A self-evident truth: OnlineGroups.Net now has a blog! All the employees of OnlineGroups.Net — Dan Randow, Richard Waid, Alice Murphy, and me (Michael JasonSmith) — will post about the issues that occur in writing GroupServer, running OnlineGroups.Net, and being part of the wider open source and it communities. Alice has done amazing work in making… Read more »