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Web, Geek & Crafter Hangouts in Christchurch

If you are a geek, or have geekly inclinations, there are a bunch of opportunities to hang out with web people in Christchurch. The Valley in Christchurch meets monthly for casual web-related conversations that lead to bigger things. The Christchurch Web Developers and Designers meetup also happens monthly. There are informal beers at the Twisted… Read more »

Hot Desk Available in Christchurch

Due to the off-shoring of some of our team (Alice and Michael, but more on that later), some space has been freed up in the OnlineGroups.Net Christchurch office. Even though Marek and William from encode and Tracklr are using the adjoining office, and Julian Carver hot-desks here some of the time, things have become a… Read more »

GOVIS 2009: two clouds, two topics, two presentations, and two conferences.

Now that I’ve cleared the backlog from spending last week at GOVIS 2009, here is my impression of it: two. There were two clouds, two topics, two presentations, and two conferences. Two Clouds From the opening keynotes to the closing ones, GOVIS was overshadowed by two clouds: the recession, and cloud computing. In his opening… Read more »

The Open Source Future of Accounting

Rod Drury’s ten trends in accounting are spot on, but they could all be encapsulated in the first: “Online accounting won’t exist as a product category for long.” Rod writes… Small Business don’t do integration projects but in the SaaS world vendors are encouraged to work together to integrate their products so small businesses don’t… Read more »

OnlineGroups.Net Welcomes MSN Group Managers

Microsoft has announced that MSN Groups will close in February 2009. They have made a deal with Multiply so that MSN Group Managers can create a group on Multiply, migrate their content and invite their group members from MSN Groups. The migration process worked pretty well on the small MSN group I created today, but… Read more »

Start a Local Online Public Issues Forum

Here at OnlineGroups.Net, we don’t just provide sites where people can collaborate in online groups. We also build and release GroupServer, the software that underpins OnlineGroups.Net, and we help organisations to implement GroupServer to create successful online groups and communities. Sometimes, that involves technical work such as hosting, configuring, customising and maintaining software. At other… Read more »

OnlineGroups.Net Short-listed for NZ Open Source Software Awards

Today’s Computerworld lists the finalists for the second NZ Open Source Awards, and I’m happy to say that we are there in the “Open Source Software Project” category with GroupServer. Almost as cool is to see the health of open source software in Aotearoa New Zealand. This is the second year for the NZ Open… Read more »

Delete the Emails

The other night, I was at dinner with some friends, and some friends of friends. The conversation turned to OnlineGroups.Net. One of the guests I didn’t know so well said “Oh yeah, I use that. I really like it. I just delete the emails.” I was happy of course to hear that she liked our… Read more »

Why We Release GroupServer as Open Source

OnlineGroups.Net has released the source code of GroupServer, the software that powers our web and email collaboration service. This means that, if you are technically savvy and have access to a server, you can download, install and run GroupServer sites for free. You can inspect the inner workings of GroupServer and even make changes to… Read more »

Why We Built GroupServer

If I had to sum up software development in one word, it would be “don’t”. When you know a bit about what’s possible, it is easy to be seduced by the notion that custom software could solve all your problems. Your business is unique of course, and so your requirements are unique. It seemed so… Read more »