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Email addresses are now easier to manage with We have recently updated the Change email settings page so it works better for mobile, simpler for everyone, and yet still retaining all the sophistication that people need.

Some people only have one email address, and belong to only one group. Others belong to many groups, and have many addresses. The Change email settings page handles both these cases — and everything in between. It also provides a summary of the email address settings for each group.

One email address

A screenshot of the Change email address page. It shows a single preferred address, and an entry that allows you to add multiple email addresses.

If you only have one email address the Change email settings page is simple.

If you have a single email address then things are fairly simple: the address is listed as your Preferred address on the Change email settings page. You can post to your groups using your preferred address, and posts from your groups will be sent to that address. To change your email address you will first need to add an address, and then remove the old address.

Add an address

The space to add an address is below your Preferred address. Enter a new address in the entry, and click the Add button.

When you add a new address you will be sent an email message asking you to verify that you control the address. We ask for verification for four reasons:

  • To ensure the address is correct,
  • To ensure that it works,
  • To ensure that spam-filters are not causing issues (it is better to catch them sooner rather than later), and
  • To make things harder for spammers.

When you add an address it will be listed as Unverified until you respond to the verification message. It is your address: you can use it to log in, and it can only be on your  profile. However, you cannot post from that address, and no posts will come from groups to that address. Once you respond to the verification message the email address will be moved to the list of Extra addresses.

Multiple email addresses

A list of Extra email addresses. The use has hovered over one address with the mouse so it can be dragged to the list of preferred addresses.

You can change which addresses you prefer, and which ones you have as extra.

Most people with multiple email addresses will have some listed as Preferred, and some listed as Extra. Messages will only be sent to you from your groups using your Preferred addresses,  but you can post to your groups from any of your Extra or Preferred addresses. You can have multiple addresses in either list.

To move an address between the Extra and Preferred list either click the Prefer button, or drag the address between the lists. (The latter technique will only work if you are on a desktop and have a mouse.) Likewise you can move a preferred address to the list of extra addresses by clicking on the button that looks like a down-arrow, or dragging the address down to the Extra address list.

You can also remove an address by clicking on the rubbish bin (trash can) next to the address. You must have an address, so if you only have a single address there will be no way to delete it. If you want to remove your only address you must first add a new address, verify it, and then remove your old address.

Settings for each group

At the bottom of the Change email settings page is a table that summarises the following for each group that you are a member of:

  • The name of the group,
  • The email address that is used for that group, and
  • The delivery setting for the group.

Clicking on the Change button will take you to the Group email settings page for that group. There you can change either the email address that is used, or the delivery setting that you have for the group.

A group can send messages to any of your Preferred or Extra addresses, but by default it will use all your Preferred addresses. Using an extra address can be handy if you belong to mostly groups mostly related to your work, but one or two are more socially focused; you can use your work-related emails as your preferred addresses, and your personal address for the social groups.

The group-settings page can also be used to reduce the amount of email from your group.

  • Switching to a daily digest of topics means you will receive at most one email a day, which summarises the activity in your group.
  • You can also stop a group from sending you email entirely, by switching it to Web only mode: you are still a member of the group, you can still view the archive, and you can still post using the web.

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