Formatting email messages

Formatting messages that you post to your groups is easy. Emails from your groups and the posts in the online archive are formatted with

The formatting of email messages for the web include bold text and links.

An example of the formatting of messages on the web, with bold text and links.

The basic formatting is used both for the post on the web and in email.

  • Only the plain text-version of a message is formatted. The HTML version is ignored (for now).
  • Words within *asterisk* characters are made bold.
  • If the line starts with a greater-than sign (> like this) then it is muted. (However, for reasons that are very dull, if the line starts with a greater-than sign and the word From (>From) then it is not muted.)
  • Site-names that start with www are turned into links: like
  • URLs that start with http or https are also turned into links. If the link is long then it will be written in a small font.
  • Email addresses are also turned into links.
  • Bottom quoting and signatures are hidden.

There are some small differences between the formatting of post on the web and the formatting in email.

Formatting on the web

The formatting of email messages on the web include embedded videos

Links to videos are turned into embedded videos.

On the web links to videos on YouTube and Vimeo are turned into videos that appear in the message. This makes viewing the videos very easy.

Email addresses are sometimes hidden on the web. Addresses are always shown in private, restricted, or secret groups. However, for public groups only the group email address, and the email address to get help ( are shown; all other addresses are hidden to protect the privacy of the group members.

Formatting in email

The formatting in email messages that are sent from the group is almost the same as that used on the web, with a couple of differences. First, links to videos are just links, because email messages sent from the group sadly cannot contain embedded video. Second, email addresses are always shown, no matter the privacy settings of the group.

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