Daily digest of topics

The daily digest of topics allows members of your groups on OnlineGroups.net to follow the activity in the group without being overwhelmed with email. To put it another way, it allows people to keep track of conversations, rather than follow the discussion closely.

With a normal listerv a member of the group gets an email whenever a post is made, and this is the standard setting with the groups on your OnlineGroups.net site. However, some people will want to be in the group but they would like to receive less email.

  • The member may find the volume of email overwhelming.
  • Only some of the topics of conversation interest the member.
  • The member needs to monitor the group, and let others lead the discussion.
The daily digest of topics for the GroupServer Development group

The daily digest of topics summarises the activity in the group.

For these people the daily digest of topics is ideal. The digest lists all the topics that have been discussed that day. For each topic it lists the title, the number of posts, the number of posts since the previous day, who most recently posted, when they posted, their photo, and some keywords that summarise what has been discussed in the topic. The group member can quickly scan the message, and see if they want to participate in any of the conversations.

This is great because the group member will receive no more than one email per day from the group, stopping them being overwhelmed. They can quickly scan the list of topics, and keywords, to see if there are any topics they are interested in, or simply see that activity is taking place.

Switch to the digest

There are two ways to switch to the digest, using the web or email.

The first way is to visit the Settings page for a group, by signing in and clicking on the cog-button on the group page. Select Daily digest, and click the Change button, and you will switch to a daily digest of topics.

The other ways is to send an email command to the group. The command Digest on will turn on the digest, and there is a handy link to send this message at the bottom of every email message from your group.

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