Email commands for your listserv

At you can read messages in your group using either the web, or email ( just like a normal listerv). Likewise you have two ways to control your group: using the web or email commands. We provide commands for all the basic functions you would expect of a listerv, as well as a few that are unique to us.

All email commands at work the same way: you send an email to your group with a particular Subject. We provide commands for group membership, the digest, and controlling the monthly summary.

Group membership

All listerv systems allow you to join and leave a group using an email command. With there are two:

  • Subscribe allows you to join a public group. For example, you can join the administrators by sending an email with the subject Subscribe to If you use the Subscribe command you will be send an email asking you to confirm your subscription. When you respond to this you will be made a group member. (Sending in the confirmation is also an email command!)
  • Unsubscribe allows you to leave a group. Send an email to your group with the subject Unsubscribe and you will be removed from the listerv. We use the term Unsubscribe for the command, rather than leave, because the former is the normal name for this command.

Daily digest of topics

Normally you will receive an email every time someone posts to your group with, just like with a normal listerv. One of the great things about your group with is you can get a single email that summaries the daily activity in the group: the digest of topics. If you are receiving too much email you can switch to the digest by sending the command Digest on to your group, and the command Digest off will switch you back to receiving one email per post.

Monthly summary

Once a month we send you a summary of what is happening in all your groups, an what information you are sharing with your profile. There are two commands related to this summary, but unlike normal commands they go to the support email-address for

  • The Summary off command turns off the monthly summary of posts.
  • The Summary on command turns the summary back on.

Email addresses for email commands

Some systems give each group two seperate email addresses: one for normal posting, and one just for commands. This a problem in two ways. First, people have to discover, or remember, both addresses, which is difficult. A single email address for both posts and command people is much easier to remember and use. Second, if something goes wrong (as it often does for turning off the monthly summary, for example) then you know that there is someone behind the address that can help you out.

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