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People can post to your listserv using the web or email. Regardless of the method, the post is placed in the excellent online archive — organised into topics along with the other posts. However, sometimes something is wrong with the post and you need a post removed from the archive. OnlineGroups.net gives both you and the author of the post the ability to hide posts. This allows you to keep your archive clean and focused.

The Share and Hide buttons for a post

The Hide button looks like a trash-can. It is shown next to the Share button for every post in the archive. The author and administrator can hide posts.

It is easy to hide a post.

  1. Find the post.
    • Every email has a link to the topic containing the post.
    • Find the topic listed in the Topics list on the group page.
    • Find the post directly in the Posts list on the group page.
  2. Click the Hide button next to the post (it looks like a trash-can). The Hide dialog will be shown.
  3. Write an explanation about why you are hiding the post. This explanation will be shown to anyone who tries to view the post in the future.
  4. Click the Hide button. The post will be hidden.

After it has been hidden the post is replaced with a short note saying that the post has been hidden. Clicking on this note will show your explanation. If every post in a topic has been hidden then the entire topic is removed from the list of topics on the group page.

Why hide posts, rather than delete?

You can only hide posts, rather than delete them. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, there are multiple copies of the how hidden post — because the members of your group were sent an email containing the post that is now hidden. There is no way to effectively remove those email messages, and we find that the word Hide is more honest. Second, we can show messages again, while a deleted post is just gone. Deleting a post is problematic when an author hides a post you think should be shown!

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