Multiple email addresses

People are more than just an email address. At we understand this, and give everyone the power to add multiple email addresses to their profiles, and customise what addresses are used with each group. This is in stark contrast with a traditional listserv, which only allows members to have a single address each.

Group members with multiple email addresses.

Group members can post from any address, such as their home address. The post is then sent to the preferred address, or addresses, of each member.

It is common for people to have multiple email addresses. One for home and work is typical. People also gather email addresses as they shift jobs, change their name (when they marry), or even when there is a change in the email-address scheme at their workplace. At we give people the power to express this complexity: everyone can have multiple addresses, and you can say which ones you prefer.

A person can use any address to post, and the group will perform the correct checks to see if the person is a member. (It is the person who is important when deciding who can post, and the email address is just a way to identify the person.) This becomes very handy if you need to dash off a message from home, or your workplace has undertaken a reorganisation of email and the address you post from is the different from the one you use to receive email!

After you post a, message is then sent out from the group to all the members. Each member has the power to set the address that is used to receive posts from a group. It may be at home, at work, or at multiple email address. Normally people just set their preferred address (and normally it is just one) but this can also be changed on a per-group basis.

Manage multiple email addresses

The Change email settings page — linked from your profile page — allows you to add new addresses, and set the ones you prefer. You can also remove unused addresses, but only after you have added a new address.

From the Change email settings page you can easily get to the settings page for each group, where you can change the address the group uses, switch to receiving a daily digest of topics, or switch to using just the web.

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