Monthly Archives: September 2015

Email headers (listserv basics part 2)

Email messages are divided into two parts. The body is the main part of the message, and is what most people think of as the message. It is what we discussed earlier when we talked about HTML formatting, for example. The other part contains all the email headers, which are used to describe the message…. Read more »

Daily digest of topics

The daily digest of topics allows members of your groups on to follow the activity in the group without being overwhelmed with email. To put it another way, it allows people to keep track of conversations, rather than follow the discussion closely.

Email commands for your listserv

At you can read messages in your group using either the web, or email ( just like a normal listerv). Likewise you have two ways to control your group: using the web or email commands. We provide commands for all the basic functions you would expect of a listerv, as well as a few… Read more »

Hide posts in your archive

People can post to your listserv using the web or email. Regardless of the method, the post is placed in the excellent online archive — organised into topics along with the other posts. However, sometimes something is wrong with the post and you need a post removed from the archive. gives both you and… Read more »

Multiple email addresses

People are more than just an email address. At we understand this, and give everyone the power to add multiple email addresses to their profiles, and customise what addresses are used with each group. This is in stark contrast with a traditional listserv, which only allows members to have a single address each.

Threads and topics

It is common for a listserv archive to show conversations as threads, but at we use topics. A topic is easier to read than a thread, and has some powerful features.