A better manage members page

Managing the members of a group is never a fun task. Today we have made some changes to OnlineGroups.net to make this aspect of the administering a group easier.

The Admin area of a large group, showing the different Manage members links

The Admin area of a large group

Changing the status of people in group is carried out on the Manage members page, which is accessed from the Group members section of the Admin area of your group. It allows you to carry out tasks such as making someone a group-administrator, resending invitations, and removing someone from the group. We now show more people on the Manage members page: we now show up to 48 people, which is far bigger than most groups, rather than just 20 people.

You can also chose to just view some members:

  • Administrators
  • People that have been invited to join the group
  • Those that lack a verified email address
  • Posting members (in announcement groups)
  • Moderated members (in moderated discussion groups)

Large groups

For large groups, which have over 48 people in them, the page changes a list of everyone in the group. Select the people to manage from this list and you can manage with just those individuals. This list is now sorted by name, making people easier to find. You can still chose to see people on the standard Mange members page, but in large groups the list of members is broken into separate pages, each with 48 people.

Individual members

You can also chose to manage individual people. Visit the profile page for a member — by clicking on their name in a post that they made, for example — and you will see a link to manage the member beneath each group. This is a quick way to remove someone from a group when they post to a group asking to leave, rather  than using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email.

These changes will make it easier for you to manage the membership of your groups at OnlineGroups.net.

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