Video embedded in email

Video is an important part of the Web. At we integrate video with the email archive so group members can get the most out of the messages.

With you can share messages and files in groups using email and the web. While everyone has email, busy discussions get overwhelming. The web interface provides an archive that gives you and your group members an easy and beautiful way to follow your group discussions.

One example of this is how YouTube and Vimeo videos are displayed right in the messages on the web archive. A video can greatly enhance a message, for serious purposes and sometimes just for fun. For example, this message contains a video of a conference presentation. By placing the video in the message people can see the presentation in context, which will make both easier to understand. The video does not have to be serious: it could also be a short clip to emphasise a point.

How embedded video works

To add a video a group member simply shares a link using email, copying a link from a page on YouTube and pasting it into a post:

Like this

The email will be sent out with just the link. However, the message will appear in the archive with the link replaced by a video. Currently links to both YouTube and Vimeo are supported, but others could be added. What else would you like to see embedded on the archive?

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