Today I deployed a massive update to improve internationalisation at We hope that the improved internationalisation makes your sites and groups more inviting to those who use languages other than English, starting with French and German.

To see the changes change the language in your browser preferences (options) to French or German and visit a group (any group). The main web-pages that group members see every day have been updated, and we are working on adding internationalisation support to more pages and the email messages. is built on the open-source GroupServer system. The improved internationalisation is an excellent example of how open source development can benefit everyone.

One of the GroupServer developers, Alice, decided to improve the support for internationalisation. She researched and documented the changes that were needed to support internationalisation in GroupServer. I then worked with Alice to add internationalisation support to the parts of GroupServer that most people see. I was discussing this effort at a meeting of like-minded people where Razique introduced me to the Transifex system. I mentioned Transifex to Alice, who then figured out how to support Transifex, and then started adding a German translation. I then added Transifex support to GroupServer, and formalised the documentation.

Back at my meeting I showed off the GroupServer organisation at Transifex, and said a huge thank you to Razique. Much to my surprise his response was to provide an entire French translation later that evening! I then worked at packaging up the changes so they can be easily used by those that run GroupServer separately, and Today I deployed those packages.

This is a community-driven development. Join us at GroupServer Development to improve internationalisation support.

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