Export messages and export membership

OnlineGroups.net gives you the ability to export the group membership and export the messages. This allows you to keep your own backup of the membership and posts. (We keep backups, but you may want your own.) You may also export the information and leave OnlineGroups.net and use another service. While we would be sad to see you go, we strongly believe you should have the ability to leave if you should choose to do so.

Export group membership

The group administrator now has the ability to export the membership of the group as a CSV file, which can be read by most spreadsheet programs. The format of the file is similar to the one that is used to add or invite new members to the group: each row lists the user ID, their profile properties, and email addresses.

The new Export members page is linked from the Administer group members section of the Group page. Exporting the membership is a two-stage process: first you generate the CSV, and then you save it. We do it this way because it can take some time to accumulate all the profile information necessary to create the CSV. If it is taking a while do not worry: just do something else and get back to the page when it is done.

The Export messages page for OnlineGroups.net Administrators

You can download an archive of all the posts in a month using the Export messages page.

Export messages

Keep your own monthly archive of the posts and files made to your group — in addition to the backup OnlineGroups.net keeps — using the Export messages page. The page shows all the months that have posts. For each month you can generate an mbox file, and then save it to your computer. We give you an archive for each month to make it easy to update your copy of the posts.

Mbox is a common file-format for storing email messages that contains many posts and attached files. A word of warning: the mbox files can be very large because they contain both messages and files.

The new Export messages page is linked from the Group page, just like the Export members page.

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