A new look for OnlineGroups.net

Today I am delighted to introduce the new design for OnlineGroups.net is which is now on all existing and new sites. You can take a tour of the new site design at http://onlinegroups.net and for a closer look, start a site of your own.

OnlineGroups.net makes email work for groups. It does that by giving a group the two things that make email work for individuals: an email address and an inbox. Email the group address and the group emails the members. The emails always go to the right people. You can read and post messages from your inbox.

But your inbox contains all sorts of emails, making it hard to focus on a particular area of work. The group inbox lets you focus on the work of a group. OnlineGroups.net provides an online inbox for a group where you can read, search and post group messages and files. And that inbox just got a lot nicer.

Here’s the page for our own site administrators group. You can see the topics being discussed as well as recent files, active members and other information about the group.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 8.31.42 pm

OnlineGroups.net organises messages into Topics where you can follow a single conversation, even when there are several conversations going on in the group.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 8.36.54 pm
There are many more details besides these.

The new look was designed by Mike Harding of Cactuslab and implemented by OnlineGroups.net Usability Engineer Michael JasonSmith. The new design is available on GroupServer, the open source software that underpins OnlineGroups.net.

I am also chuffed to welcome the new design for our own site. Also conceived by Mike Harding, the design was completed by George Connor and implemented and optimised by Michael JasonSmith. George also provided the new look for this blog.

I am grateful to Mike, Michael and George for their awesome work on all this, and delighted to offer this to our customers and site members.

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