Migrate your Mailing List from Mailman to OnlineGroups.net

If you have a mailing list running on GNU Mailman, and you’d like to get the benefits of OnlineGroups.net, we would be happy to migrate your mailing list.

OnlineGroups.net is a great way for your group members to collaborate using email. It provides an email address and an inbox for a group, just as email provides those for individuals. Tools that do this are called Mailing List Managers. OnlineGroups.net is not the only Mailing List Manager. Others include Yahoo! Groups, Google Groups and the old faithful GNU Mailman.

GNU Mailman is an open source Mailing List Manager that has been widely used for over ten years. It is easy to install and works well, but it lacks some of the features of OnlineGroups.net. Most notably, where Mailman has separate web interfaces for viewing posts and changing settings, OnlineGroups.net has a single web interface where users can search and read posts, as well as edit their settings. Not only that but with OnlineGroups.net, you can post from the web interface, while with Mailman you can not. So OnlineGroups.net functions as a Web Forum as well as a Mailing List Manager, while Mailman is mainly an email-based tool. (For more on this, check this detailed comparison between GroupServer and Mailman 2.)

The good news is that is just got easier to migrate your mailing list from Mailman to OnlineGroups.net. We recently released a tool for migrating Mailman lists as part of GroupServer, the open source software that underpins OnlineGroups.net.

If you prefer to have a hosted online groups site, you can migrate your users to an OnlineGroups.net site yourself.

The process is easy.

  • Start an online groups site for your organization.
  • Start the groups you need on your new site.
  • Get the email addresses of your group members from your Mailman site and invite those members to join the groups on your new site.
  • When your users accept the invitations they will be able to make and receive posts on the new site.

If you would like to migrate your archives, let us know. We are happy to migrate your archives from a Mailman Mailing List for free, if you purchase a year’s subscription for a 160 member or larger site.

We can even help you migrate your custom domain from a Mailman list to an OnlineGroups.net site.

To get this started, or if you have any questions about migrating a Mailman list, get in touch with us.

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