Monthly Archives: August 2010

Google Wave

In May last year Google released Google Wave. In August Google announced that they were shutting it down. Wave was an editor that allowed multiple people to edit the same document at the same time. It was similar to the editors that appeared in the labs during the early 1990s. In this post I examine… Read more »

Press Releases

I have an idea: a browser plug in that measures the similarity between a page on a news site and a known press release. I doubt that it would have to be very sophisticated: my ol’ favourite TF-IDF algorithm could generate the keywords and compare them to a database of known press releases. Give the… Read more »

Working from Home: Time Management

Back in 2008, I shifted my working days to Tuesday to Friday in the office, then from home on Saturdays. Overall it worked well, but some Saturdays were harder than others. I wasn’t sure why, but on those days I found it particularly hard to concentrate, and ended up having to work on and off… Read more »

An Email Address and an Inbox for a Group

The main weakness with email is its main strength. The wonderful thing about email is that every individual can have an email address and an inbox. The terrible thing about email is that a group can not have an email address or an inbox. Email is an individual-centric medium. That makes it a great medium… Read more »