Web, Geek & Crafter Hangouts in Christchurch

If you are a geek, or have geekly inclinations, there are a bunch of opportunities to hang out with web people in Christchurch.

The Valley in Christchurch meets monthly for casual web-related conversations that lead to bigger things.

The Christchurch Web Developers and Designers meetup also happens monthly.

There are informal beers at the Twisted Hop pretty much every Friday after work. If you’re new in town you’ll have to guess whose table to crash, or get in touch with one of us.

We Effusion Group folks often have lunch together in the CBD around 12:30.
You’d be welcome to join us. Get in touch for an invite.

The Christchurch Creative Space, is a geek crafter hangout, currently happening twice a week.

If you’re looking for a place to work while you’re in town, check the OnlineGroups.Net hotdesk.

Finally, if you are suitably inclined try searching Twitter for #christchurch and #tweetup :-).

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  1. Luci

    And don’t forget Christchurch Girl Geek Dinners! I need to set up a website, but I’m hoping to make it more regular. :)

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