Thanks from Users

One of the nice things about working in usability is that I do get thanked, in a way: people use what I create.
Below is a screen-shot of the front-page topics listing on a
GroupServer site — which I have edited
to protect the users’ privacy.
I was blown away by the sheer volume of messages and files posted to this
site in such a short period of time.

Posting Files

  • Each of the 9 fuzzy blocks is a topic.
  • The newest topic is at the top. It was posted to one hour after the oldest
  • Each icon represents a file posted to the topic: there are 8–25
    files in each topic.
  • There are 13–78 messages in topic.
  • Each topic is from a different group (by chance).
    There are 200 groups on this site.

Yea! The users used it!

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