Monthly Archives: May 2008

Why Fight Email?

There are problems with email as a collaboration tool. The worst is email overload. A lot of email takes a lot of management. Triaging and curating email are especially difficult when the email lacks metadata that enables it to be assessed without opening the email. Even the best email management approaches take effort, and still… Read more »

Thanks from Users

One of the nice things about working in usability is that I do get thanked, in a way: people use what I create. Below is a screen-shot of the front-page topics listing on a GroupServer site — which I have edited to protect the users’ privacy. I was blown away by the sheer volume of… Read more »

Web Accessibility for Individuals with Cognitive Defects

As I am responsible for the user-interface of GroupServer, I am also responsible for its accessibility. I try and follow the accessibility guidelines, but supporting those with cognitive disabilities is something that I avoided looking at in detail: it seems too hard. However, I decided that the time had come to have a look at… Read more »