Monthly Archives: February 2008

Flexible Work is Your New Day Job

Alice and I have just agreed new hours of work. The standard hours that she works now don’t fit so well with her other priorities. So instead, Alice will be working 1100-1930, Tuesday to Saturday. On Saturdays, Alice will work remotely. Does this make me a good employer? Actually, I think it just makes me… Read more »

Mobile Computing

I needed some tech support with my home computer, so I took it into the lab (our office) where there are plenty of friendly geeks. If I’d taken it by car, I would have had to park outside the office, take the machine upstairs, then either drive back home and bike in, or go up… Read more »

Webstock: Participants are the Producers. Deal with it. But how?

I went to Webstock 2008 for inspiration. I came away overflowing with the buzz, and the insights into how stuff works and what’s happening. There is so much to take in at the event, that making sense of it barely begins before walking out the door. But the most inspiring impact of Webstock for me,… Read more »

Dumpster Diving

Dan found a Lexmark X215 multifunction printer-copier-scanner-fax in a dumpster. After recovering it, dusting it off, and giving it a try, we found that it was always jamming. Despite my protests that I am not a hardware geek, I ended up taking the machine apart; I found that its Mylar comb, used to guide the… Read more »

Mode Switch

At Kiwi Foo Camp, I had an excellent opportunity to discuss the proposed mode switch in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. Over the weekend my position changed, from being mildly in favour of the mode switch, to being mildly against it. I am still in favour of mode switching as a concept, but the proposal does… Read more »

Usability Mistakes

Just before I went to Kiwi Foo Camp, I created a major usability bug in GroupServer, which was mostly due to forgetting to add feedback to a form. This caused a large problem for Alice, who had to manage the support load while I was away. Thankfully, I managed to correct my error and the… Read more »

Kiwi Foo Camp 2008

Last weekend, Michael and I, and some Christchurch web folk that we knew (and some that we didn’t) ventured to Warkworth for Kiwi Foo Camp 2008. Kiwi Foo Camp is an invitation-only gathering of web, art and science people modelled on O’Reilly Media’s Foo Camp. This means 150-odd people speaking fluent geek all weekend, in… Read more »